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Dark Symphonies

Dark Symphonies front door

This is a goth/music club as well as one of the largest changeling freeholds in the city. It is owned and operated by the Baroness Penny Spark . The bottem floor is a music dance club which is frequented by many different crowds but many are goth emo or punk. They will sometimes have theme nights and throws one of the biggest Samhain parties this being the owners favorite time of year being of the nightmare kith.

Supernaturals are asked to please leave all weapons at the door or peace knot them while in the freehold. The bouncer who lives there Sir Robert Tungstun is the head bouncer and troll knight who stays at the door and keeps the peace.

The bar is tended by Trixi Andrews a toreador and Marcus Rindell a satyr. The staff of the bar are all supernatural of one kind or another of either vampire Fae or Kinain with the exception of a bus boy Joey Nicols who is a normal human that Sir Robert has taken under his wing to help.

The upper floors are living areas and not open to the public but are available to fae or friends of the fae who need a place to stay or hide out.

This free hold has a no violence rule and is strictly adhered to. If you make an aggressive act towards anyone in the bar you are removed intermediately fae or not..the only people exempt from this rule are the staff who will only use force only as a last resort.

Roberts motto is "you always hurt the ones you love..don't make me love you."